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that loved face,▓ they one by one drew near and bow●ed down their bright heads before him.F▓aintly yet distinctly, he spoke▓ a blessing upo

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n each; then m▓urmured, “The God of my Fat●hers bless you all, all as you love H▓im and each other.Never deny him: acknowledge H▓im as One! Hear, O Israel!

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the Lord our God, the● Lord is one!” The words w▓ere repeated in tears and sobs by all; he fell▓ back, and they thought his spirit gon▓e.Minutes rolled by, and t

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hen there● was a rapid step without; it neared the door●, one moment paused, and entered. “My ●son, my son! O God, I thank thee! R●euben, my firstborn, in


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time,● I bless, bless—” the words were lost in a fea▓rful gurgling sound, but the father’s arms ▓were flung wildly, strongly round▓ the son, who, with bitter tears,● had thrown hi

mself upon his ne▓ck—and there was silence. ● “Father! oh, my father, speak—bless, for▓give me!” at length Reuben wi●ldly exclaimed, breaking from that ▓convulsive hold to sink as a penitent upon ▓the earth.He spoke in vain; the spiri●t had lingered to gaze once more upon▓ the firstborn of his love, then

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fled fro▓m earth for ever. CHAPTER II.● It is two years after the mournful event re▓corded in our last chapter that we r●ecommence our simple narrative.● When time and prayer had softened the fir▓st deep affliction, the widow and her f▓amily indeed proved t

wife, call the childre●n; let me bless them each

he fulf▓ilment of that blessed promise, “Leav●e thy fatherless children to me, and I ●will keep them alive, and let ●thy widows trust in me;” for they prospe●red and were happy.Affliction, eithe▓r of failing health in those co▓mpelled to labour, or in want of

once more▓.” They were called, and, awe?/span>
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emp●loyment, was kept far from them.Th▓e widow, indeed, herself often suffer●ed; but she thanked God, in the mi▓dst even of pain, as sh

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e comp●ared the blessings of her lot wit▓h those of others.Little Ru▓th, too, from her affliction and very delic▓ate health, was often an

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object of anxiety; ▓but so tenderly was she beloved, that anxiety w●as scarcely pain in the deligh▓t her presence ever caused.Sweet-tempere


●d, loving, and joyous, with a voice o●f song like a bird’s, and a laugh of chil▓d-like glee, and yet such strong affect●ions, such deep reve

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